Reels of Fire

Description :

Do you want to create an edge of the seat experience or do you want address social issues? Do you want to recreate friendship or do you want to celebrate love? The screen is all yours. We give you Reels of Fire, a national level short film contest as part of Instincts. Our expert panel will pick 10 of the best short films and present it on the big screen to be judged by expert directors and technicians of the Tamil Cinema Industry. Witness the clash of ten titans as they fight to grab that Best Film Award. Come join us and experience the revolutionary era of short films. Presenting you the 10th edition of Reels of Fire, hosted by SFC.

Rules :

Contact :

Sai Sharan S- 9500077264

Naveen Raj P - 9751720058

Kombarajan - 9789557653